A man claims to be the Prime Minister of Morocco to get a restaurant reservation in Russia

The man who pretended he was Prime Minister of Morocco taking a photo with the restaurant's chef in Russia./Ph. Twitter
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While in Russia for the 2018 World Cup, a man pretended to be Prime Minister of Morocco when trying to make a reservation at a restaurant, says Uproxx on Thursday.

The story was made public by a guy in Twitter called Ihab who said his father called a restaurant in Russia «claiming to be the prime minister of Morocco», after he was told that it was completely booked up.

Surprisingly, after saying he was Morocco’s Prime Minister, he and his son managed to get the best table in the place and he was even asked by the restaurant’s chef to sign a plate for him and then take a photo with him.

The son posted a video online of his father smiling while signing a plate, capturing the whole scene. The clip, quickly, went viral on the internet as social media users shared the story and created memes, making fun of the unusual situation.

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