Belgium : An Ecolo candidate slammed for a photo he took at the Moroccan embassy

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Belgian Secretary of State Theo Francken and Ecolo candidate Lahoussine Fadel./Ph. DR

Ecolo candidate Lahoussine Fadel, who is running for the Belgian local elections in Molenbeek, was criticized for taking a picture with Secretary of State for Asylum, Migration and Administrative Simplification Theo Francken. The photo was surprising, especially as the politician has slammed on several occasions the Ecolo party which is based on green politics.

Belgian media platforms reported that after receiving harsh comments, the photo has been deleted. The same source adds that according to Lahoussine Fadel, the picture was taken at the Moroccan embassy in Brussels, during a reception held to commemorate the day of the King Mohammed's accession to the throne.

Fadel defended himself, claiming that he did not recognize the Secretary of State : «We were next to almost 2.000 to 3.000 people. As usual, I just took pictures with personalities at the event». «I did not really know who he was. I was not going to refuse to take a photo with a minister. It’s not in my culture», he added.

A few months ago, Theo Francken slammed the Ecolo party after they published a caricature showing him in a Nazi uniform.

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