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The winners of the 16th edition of the «Grand Prix national de la presse» revealed

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Thursday in Rabat, during a ceremony in the presence of the head of the government Saadeddine El Othmani, the jury of the 16th edition of the «Grand Prix national de la presse» (GPNP) announced the names of the winners of its various categories.

The «Grand Prix» have been awarded to eight categories. Thus, the honorary award, which payed tribute to a media personality who contributed to the evolution of the national media landscape, was awarded to Mustapha El Yaznasni and Badia Rayane.

Youssef Zoutni journalist at 2M television won the television prize for the documentary film for his documentary on «Les mineurs en errance». While the radio prize was granted  to Mohamed Amine Lamrani a journalist at the «Radio nationale».
For their part, the journalists Mohamed Ahaddad of the daily Al Massae and Mohamed Karim Boukhsas of the weekly Al Ayam won the category prize of the written press. The prize for the electronic press was awarded jointly to the journalists Mohamed Khiyi of Telquel Arabi and Jamila Outznit of «».

As for the prize of the press agency, it was won jointly by Soumia Al Arkoubi and Morad Khanchouli, journalists at the Moroccan Press Agency (MAP) for their articles «Lieutenant-colonel Khadija Koudamra, la guerrière ambassadeur de la paix en Centrafrique» et «Fès : Une lueur d’espoir au bout du sombre tunnel de l’addiction».

Lastly, Ghizlane Assami, journalist at the television Tamazight TV was awarded the prize for the Amazigh journalistic production, while the prize for the Hassanie journalistic production was entrusted to El Ghalia El Gouari of Laayoune TV.

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