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Imlil murders : Reprehensible acts against Moroccan values and traditions, says Laftit

Interior Minister Abdelouafi Laftit./Ph. DR
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All segments of the Moroccan society condemn the heinous criminal act that occurred in the region of El Haouz and claimed the lives of two Scandinavian tourists, since it is an action that runs counter the Moroccan values and traditions, said on Monday Interior Minister Abdelouafi Laftit.

Laftit, who was speaking at the House of Representatives, stressed that regardless of its degree of effectiveness, the approach adopted by the state in the fight against terrorism is constantly questioned by some parties who persist in their opportunist approach, as evidenced by the behavior of certain movements, in Morocco and abroad, which embrace nihilistic discourses that sow despair and spread the feeling of disappointment for dubious purposes.

The first step in the counterterrorism fight is to protect society from the dangers that result from the exploitation of religion for abject ends, far from its tolerance values that are one the sources of lofty ideals of humanity, he said.

After reviewing the circumstances of this despicable crime, with a strict respect of the legal provisions that govern the investigations carried out within the framework of the preliminary probe and which are ongoing under the authority of the competent prosecutor's office, he noted that the initial findings reveal that this is not a large terrorist organization but a group of individuals imbued with extremist thinking and who have decided to commit this crime, with means inspired by the atrocious acts committed by extremist groups.

The minister stressed, in this regard, that Moroccans are convinced that the terrorist act of Al Haouz is an isolated act that does not reflect the reality of Moroccan society, and which is the product of an extremist thinking that is against our culture and values which are inspired by our holy religion and based on the spirit of tolerance, openness and moderation.

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