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Morocco-EU agreements : The Polisario sends a delegation to Brussels

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After MEPs at the European Parliament voted in favor of the Association agreement concluded between Morocco and the European Union, the Polisario sent a delegation to Brussels.

This week, members of «Bnat Sakia El Hamra and Oued Ed-dahab», a pro-Polisario association, held a series of meetings with MEPs in the Belgian capital.

According to the Front’s news agency, these «activists» are currently visiting Brussels to «raise awareness about the consequences of the Morocco-EU agreements that include Western Sahara».

«Sahrawi activists referred to the negative impact of these agreements and the fact that they affect the political process conducted under the auspices of the United Nations», the same source added.

These Sahrawis «stressed the need of respecting the international legitimacy in Western Sahara instead of violating international and European laws», wrote SPS.

For the record, the European Parliament is expected to examine, in a plenary session, the fisheries agreement on February the 13th.

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