Killed in a shooting, Dutch-Moroccan rapper Feis wanted to build a well in the Kingdom

Dutch-Moroccan rapper Faisal Mssyeh./Ph. DR
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Moroccan-Dutch rapper Faisal Mssyeh, known by his stage name Feis Ecktuh, who was killed on January the 1st in a shooting, had plans for his grandparents hometown in Morocco.

Last week, in an interview with Dutch newspaper Volkskrant, rapper Winnee recalled that his friend was a «patron». «Feis used to feel happy when other people were happy», he said adding that «he was more than a friend to him, he was a family member».

«Friendship can be broken, but a family bond can only be broken by death and that is what happened», he told the Dutch newspaper.

The rapper also said that Feis who died in a shooting «wanted to build a well in the Moroccan village of his grandparents».

«We want to do it for him now with a foundation we have created», he added. At the request of Feis' mom, a new yet undisclosed song by the dead rapper has been released. The new song will help them accomplish Feis' project in Morocco.

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