Amid war against Muslim congresswomen Donald Trump hosts his second iftar dinner

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President Donald Trump during the 2nd Iftar dinner at the White House. / Ph. DR

US President Donald Trump hosted, Monday at the White House, his second iftar dinner, an annual reception held to celebrate the month of Ramadan. Inviting a number of Muslim diplomatic leaders, Trump said during the dinner that it has «been a very rough time» on Muslims around the world, ABC News reports.

The American president made mention of the terror attacks that targeted Muslims in New Zealand and which took the lives of 51 Muslim worshippers. «In their blessed memory, we resolve to defeat the evils of terrorism», Trump told attendees.

«We thank God that that America is a place founded on beliefs that citizens of all faiths can live together in safety and live together in freedom», he said during his speech on Monday. «I wish all the people around the world Ramadan Kareem», he concluded.

Trump’s address to Muslims during this annual iftar sounded different from his previous decisions and comments related to Muslims.

In March, Muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar said that she received an increase in death threats after President Donald Trump tweeted about one of her speeches. The Democrat alleged that the American President has «encouraged right-wing extremist violence».

For the record, President Trump published a video that included parts of Omar’s speech and clips from the 9/11 attacks with a caption saying : «We will never forget!».

This is not the first time that President Donald Trump tweets about the Muslim congresswoman. In February, Somali American politician serving as the U.S. Representative for Minnesota's 5th congressional district criticized the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), saying that «it’s all about the Benjamins baby», referring to the support that Israel has in the Congress.

President Donald Trump reacted to Omar's tweets, urging the congresswoman to resign and calling her apology «lame». Muslim congresswoman Rashida Tlaib was also attacked by Trump after a statement she made on the Holocaust and Israel.

Last years and during Donald Trump’s first annual iftar reception, the Muslim community in the US said that many of its representatives were not invited.

«We are no longer invited. We are being snubbed», said Imam Yahya Hendi, chaplain at Georgetown University. In 2009, Yahya Hendi was invited to the iftar organized by Barack Obama.

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