Anti-normalization groups disappointed by Morocco’s participation in Bahrain workshop

On Monday, Morocco announced that it is attending the US-led peace conference in Bahrain, expected to introduce the economic portion of the «Deal fo the Century». This decision was denounced by anti-normalization groups, which had urged the Moroccan authorities to boycott the meeting.

A march held in Rabat to support Palestine. / Ph. DR
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Bahrain's capital Manama is hosting, Tuesday, the «Peace to Prosperity» conference initiated by the United States. The conference, expected to unveil the economic portion of the US Palestinian-Israeli peace plan, known as the «Deal of the Century», is attended by several Arab countries, including Morocco.

On Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation announced that the Kingdom is sending an official from the Ministry of economy and finance to Bahrain. This announcement was made after President Donald Trump’s senior advisor Jared Kushner said in an interview that the Kingdom will attend the meeting, alongside Egypt and Jordan.

In the Kingdom, which hosted Sunday a march against the «Deal of the Century» and the «economic peace conference» in Bahrain, several anti-Israel associations voiced their rejection of Morocco’s decision.

Condemning Morocco's participation in the Bahrain meeting

Speaking, Tuesday, to Yabiladi, Khalid Sefiani from the National Action Group for Palestine said that he was «saddened and disagreeably surprised» by the news. «We have already voiced rejection of Morocco’s participation in the Bahrain’s conference on the US-led peace plan (Deal of the century)», Sefiani argued.

According to the activist, Moroccans «have made it clear, Sunday, that they refuse this plan», adding that the Moroccan Foreign Ministry «had to pay attention to the position expressed by several political parties, trade unions and associations that protested against this plan in Rabat».

Moreover, Sefiani stressed that by sending an official to the «infamous workshop in Manama, Morocco is contributing to the legitimization of the crimes committed against Palestine, Palestinians, Al Quds and our holy places».

Respecting Palestine's decision

Meanwhile, the president of the Moroccan Association for the Support of the Palestinian Struggle Mohamed Benjelloun Al Andaloussi denounced the conference convened by the US. Al Andaloussi regretted the fact that Morocco is taking part in the meeting, stressing that his association has «already urged the Moroccan authorities to boycott the meeting».

The activist argued that «the United States is not allowed to decide on behalf of the Palestinian people».«We respect the decision of the Palestinian people, who refused to attend the conference. They have called Arab countries to boycott it and we should take that into consideration», he pointed out.

Furthermore, Al Andaloussi said that «although Morocco has sent a low-key official to the conference to please Americans, we wish it hadn’t attended the meeting».

Joining forces with Sefiani and Al Andaloussi, the president of the Moroccan Commission for the Support of the Nation’s Issues Abdessamad Fathi told Yabiladi that he «regrets the participation of Morocco in the conference», describing it as a «betrayal to the Palestinian cause and people».

«And by attending this conference, Morocco is endorsing the US plan», Fathi said. He also blamed the Moroccan authorities for not «listening to the thousands of people who condemned the ‘Deal of the Century’ and the meeting in Bahrain» in the Rabat march.  

For the record, the three Moroccan associations have called before for a sit-in in front of the parliament following the visit of US President Donald Trump’s senior advisor Jared Kushner to Morocco.

A second march was held Sunday in Rabat, just days before the start of the conference in Bahrain. The rally was attended by several thousands of people, activists and trade unionists.

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