The Palestinian Bar Association to sue attendees of the US-led Bahrain conference

President Donald Trump senior advisor Jared Kushner during the US-led conference in Bahrain. / Ph. DR
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The Palestinian Bar Association (PBA) could be filing lawsuits against the attendees of the «Peace to Prosperity economic» conference, held in the Bahraini capital on June 25th and 26th, the association’s head said.

PBA’s head Jawad Obaidat told Turkish news agency Anadolu that Palestinian lawyers are planning to sue participants, taking part in the US-led meeting held in Manama to unveil the economic portion of the «Deal of the Century», for «harming the state’s security».

The Palestinian Bar Association will also be taking action against Palestinians, attending the meeting in Bahrain.

The Bahrain meeting, convened by the United States, was attended by Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and host country Bahrain.

Morocco announced one day before the start of the conference that it is sending an official from the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

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