dj moad
pfff polygamie ca fait tellement style africain pauvre avec une centaine d'enfant. evoluer un peu, damn ...More
lol j'ai plein d'amies mais le probleme c'est ke c'est sur a moment donner tu pense au sex, mais croit moi apres un an ou plus, tu pense plus a ca, je trouve meme degeulasse de ...More
ma reponse va etre... les deux, c'est un peux stupite de choisir l'un ou l'autre quand tu peut avoir les deux... mais tu devrais expliquer plus ton probleme ou ta situation. ...More
lol the topic poster is such a sexist !! i'm 18 male :P you can't stop me from posting, and i don't find Obama cute lol, but atleast i hope he wins presidencie. oh and for next ...More
studio for what ...More
what you going to do there ? i love japan, and there culture, Imo better than ours ...More
woo! haha, i host many nights, never saw that stuff in my area, but i'd tell you, there is nothing more fun than just seeing ppl dance to your vibes. ...More
hey hey, don't really know what you want. a nurse in here, you study in college, not university, you can do a technique for 3 years, in montreal, well, i grew up here, where you live now ...More
wrong place buddy, this is the english ...More
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