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French free forum!!!
cali [ PM ]
14 February 2005 00:22
Hello everybody,

Do you really think we can keep this forum free from french? Or would you tollerate subjects posted in french?
Personnaly I can´t see the use of posts in french here, when the rest of the website is in french.
Arabi77 [ PM ]
14 February 2005 00:56
Assalamo 3alikom,

I think everyone has the right to write in which ever language they like everywhere in this forum.

The only thing is that they may not be understood, it’s that’s up to them Smiling Smiley .

In the past I have posted topics English in for example in "Actualite" or "Islam" (unfortunately I do not have the time to translate all my posts to French)
Lhamdoulilah some brothers and sisters found the information very useful.

So if we would like to post English topics elsewhere in this forum we would better tolerate French in here.


cali [ PM ]
14 February 2005 01:05
Salam Arabi,

I undrstand but before now. There was no English forum. So I guess that was OK then. But now that there is a forum in english, I think it would be silly to go to the french side and write in englishWinking smiley
Arabi77 [ PM ]
14 February 2005 01:37
Assalamo 3alikom,

I fully understand you point of view, but to make things clearer I will give you an example:

A brother or a sister asks a question about let’s say Islam, a historical fact, science...

You certainly came across very useful articles that where not available in French (which is normal English language is more widely used across the world than French).

I prefer to post an article in English (in the hope that some people would understand it) than to withhold useful information.

By the way I always try to translate a least a short summary in French so non English-Speaking people understand at least what the post is about.

elcapone [ PM ]
15 February 2005 22:38

At least, I'm very happy to find a space where I can express my deep thinking in Shakespeare’s language or in anther hand Bush's language Winking smiley

I encourage you to spread this space to other people for instance French as me.
cali [ PM ]
15 February 2005 23:02

Please don´t get me wrong. When I wrote french free forum, I didn´t mean anti-french. It was just an ironic way of me, to say that I preffer that we only wrote in english.

I preffer to call it shakespeare´s language, than Bush´s language. Simply because I don´t like the lastWinking smiley

No hard feelings

ok [ PM ]
16 February 2005 10:26
salut! ........Oh I sorry but I cant believe than someone dont accept subject in french. ok,it's a forum in english but it's necessary to know, that french not speak english very well and sometimes they want explain their idea!
Personaly I think that english speaker must be open!
If you want you can teach english at me or other, who dont speak english wery well!
it's will be great.

c'est tout...YEaH!
xara [ PM ]
16 February 2005 18:06
je trouve le sujet descriminatoire! Puisque ca dérange, j'aimerai dire mon avis avant de ne plus revenir dans ce forum.
Il ne s'agit pas de savoir ou de ne savoir parler anglais, il s'agit plutôt de pouvoir s'EXPRIMER dans une langue avec aisance et simplicité, d'en maitriser les mécanismes de langage pour tenir un discours cohérent...
Ceci rejoint l'intervention " le langage et la pensée)" dans ce même forum...
Toutes mes excuses pour les gens qu'une intervention francophone dérange...
lallasouriante [ PM ]
16 February 2005 18:53
waw sa parle bien anglais ici , félicitations :-)
elcapone [ PM ]
16 February 2005 19:18
It's a good discipline. Here, we can only speak English.

We must respect this Principe. There is a lot of topic in France; so let us express our opinion in Shakespeare’s language.

What the matter for that?

I feel very happy to discuss in English with morocco’s Anglophone despite my English’s weakness.

It’s a pleasure to write English
Yani [ PM ]
18 February 2005 18:46
Dear XARA;

Faut pas prendre les chose comme ca! English only ( Anglais seulement) ne veut pas dire, que les interventions en Francais ou d'autres langues derangent ceux que preferent ecrire en Anglais; pour n'importe quelle raison. Donc, Please, s'il ya un sujet ici qui t'interesse, on aimerai bien te lire en francais ou en Darija..., en tt cas ca ne me derange pas! Voila. Bien a toi. Yani
almotanabi [ PM ]
19 February 2005 01:28
Hello all,

There's no law that stops anyone from posting in any language he or she desires/chooses to write in. This was just an attempt to accommodate some English speaking yabiladiens who feel more comfortable when writing in English. Let me say it in better way, yes, it is preferable to use English in this forum, no mater what your level is, we all need help with English, and with French for that mater., so don’t feel that your English has to good to intervene in the discussions. So lets accept the posts in both languages for now and hope that the majority will write in English, this forum was after all created for that reason.
cali [ PM ]
19 February 2005 14:38

Yani and almotanabi, thank you for your understanding. I really appreciate that someones understood what I intended to say. And once again, I´m sorry that someones were too sensitive. I´m sorry if I hurted their feelings.

No hard feelings

almotanabi [ PM ]
19 February 2005 14:47
Hey cali,
It's nice of you to say that, butI don't believe you'd said anything that was hurtful to anyone, you posted your view and expressed your feelings, and it's up to all to see them us such, no more no less.
I agree with you, I, too, like to see this forum stay English only, but I also do see where it won't be fair to others who want to read the posts but feel more comfortable replying in french.
I guess it's OK...

Take care,

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Yani [ PM ]
19 February 2005 20:10
Hey Cali;
It's all a matter of interpretation and we get this all the time! misunderstanding is part of communication! it's what makes/ keeps it alive if we're patient and respect the principles of debating!

Almotnabi: I won't say more than what you did. let's hope this keeps going.

elcapone [ PM ]
20 February 2005 09:41
Hey every body,

“Let’s hope this keeps going”

There’s no raison to stop here, and don’t forget the destiny is on our hands.

Of course, we can use both languages to discuss friendly way and without arguing. But, I think very usefull to force ourselves in writing English for improving it.

You know, to write in English, I made an unimaginable time to write, may be, between one or two ideas that I hope expressing my thinking correctly. In many time, I feel my self very poor in English and I try to help my self with dictionary, grammar book, vocabulary book, and so on,

Do you know what I mean; I mobilize a war armada to express one or two ideas in Shakespeare’s language. And to ensure may self I m told “this is the price to pay if I want to improve that “maudit” language”

almotanabi [ PM ]
20 February 2005 12:40
Dear elcapone,
I agree with you and I sincerely think you do pretty well in English, you'll see even bigger difference in short time, so keep writing.
elcapone [ PM ]
20 February 2005 18:40
Many thinks Almotanabi,

with these kind words, now i can sleep with peacfulnessWinking smiley


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