I would say she has a problem. If she wrote in the formular that she is a spanish citizen while she´s not, that can be considered as giving false information. In worst case she risks being ...More
Yes It is possible. As far as I know if she has relatives living in the US, they can do all preparations. She doesn´t need to be resident in the US, I know some who went to hajj from US and europe ...More
Dear Slam I think you have to have a some professional assistance regarding the terms of your contract. Make sure you negotiotiate every tinny detail before you sign. Especially when your familly ...More
Where is Scarborough? I don´t know all Yorkshire yet. I work all the time like a slave ...More
Hey there. I live and work in Leeds. I drove through Huddersfield, last I was in Manchester. You´re right it´s a very small village compared to Leeds, not to mention London. I´ve been here for ...More
Hi asma, I think that you have to find out what area interest you, before you start looking. Bioindustry, food and hygiene, hospitals, Pharmaceutical etc. Each domaine will or can offer you a ...More
Moi j´ai passe par imintanout bcp bcp de ...More
LeMask don´t you thing that you´re the one who´s being irresponsible here. Declaring war against anyone who should say things you don´t like, as if you can´t be argue otherwise. You´re also ...More
LeMask are you saying that the honnor of the prophet (saws), all muslims and the holy coran depends on what Mr Salman Rushdie writes. Why not prove him wrong by debating him instead. You don´t make ...More
In my opinion those are people who don´t care about what Salman Rushdie wrote. They´re just populists trying to get some influence on the political scene. So that the whole world would always ask, ...More
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