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Is Peace really coming?
9 February 2005 04:13
Hello everyone,

Do you think this time the palestinians are going to have a country of their own?
Or you think it's just another chapter in this tragedy?


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9 February 2005 18:04
Hello Smiling Smiley,

Unfortunatly, I think that is just an another chapter in this tragedy! Sad Smiley
10 February 2005 00:29
Assalamo alaykom,

The Zionists will never give the Palestinians anything; day by day they are looting their land and destroying their houses.

The only way for the Muslims to recover their land and their rights is to combat the Zionists as One Man (Muslim Unity is the Answer).

The Zionists are talking about a truce, it’s just a way of buying more time nothing else, in a few days they will kill Palestinians (for what ever reason) and the truce will be over.

More blood will be shed, more houses will destroy, more land will be stolen....

May Allah unify the Muslim Umma, and Grant jannah to the Mujahidines in Palatine, Iraq and all of the Muslims who fight against oppression and injustice.

10 February 2005 17:29

Almost 65 of the 300 Million Arabs are illeterate. 10
Millions Kids under 15 do not go to school . In Algeria,
Almost 40% of algerians between 15- and 24 years are without jobs , in Morocco and Egypt, we have about 35 %.
Muslims (with the exception of Malysia), should win the battle of education and knowledge.
If we do not produce educated and hard working arab muslims we will never achieve the respect other nations enjoy.
Do your home work and liberate yourself and your people from ignorance before trying to liberate others.
I am sûre, the palestinians will one day find a compromise with Israel. However, the rest of the arab world need to wake up. Time is running.....

Take care of your kids

11 February 2005 04:47
I totally agree with you, and what you're saying adds up pretty well.

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12 February 2005 03:55
Right on; Krim.
Hassan II said it best,It's the palestinians job to liberate themeselves and sooner it'll happen, and the blame game will start: Who helped us ( Palestinians), I am more worried about the poverty level that's going on top of the Roof in Morocco; rather than the Palestinians.
We can do something right now in Morocco: Educate, find/create jobs, be practical... Talking about Palestine is just talk. YEs, it's better than nothing, but let's be realistic: Isreal is there and recognized even by the Palestinians; yet, there are Stubborn pseudo-politicians that are still talking about eradicating Israel!! DA?!Educate, Educate and get on with the wheel of Progree/ or regress!no matter. The Arabs/Muslims ruled once! It's our turn to follow. it's tough for the masses; but not for our opportunist leaders, who are the really looting their own!
12 February 2005 04:56

Right on,
Not only we should educate the coming generations, but also teach them how to live with other people around the world, no matter what their religion or believes are. Yes their are Arab regimes who likes to look or act more Palestinians than the Palestinians themselves and use the Palestinian cause for their own benefit, and others who hide their crimes, their oppression of their populations and their undemocratic systems behind the banners of the Palestinian cause. To all those I say: helping the Palestinians is a good thing, but what about helping your people, how about giving them their basic rights, how about letting them vote, and by the way, not just the men, how about spending the revenues on prosperity and education, how about letting journalists do their job in total freedom, and I can go on for hours....
To go back to the subject, however, I think peace will take place once the Palestinians and some daydreamers in the Arab world become convinced that Israel is going nowhere, and when Israel realizes that the world will not allow it to occupy and devour Palestinian lands, and sadly, I don't think either of the parties is at that point yet.

14 February 2005 00:13
Many of you are quite realistic in your analysis. The palestinian tragedy is also the fault of the arab leaders as well as mister Arafat himself. He refused deals given by the Israelis many times. We all know that those deals were not totally fair. But what else could he achieve? Sometimes the Israelis on perpes gave him less than they promised, because they knew he will refuse what they really don´t intend to give him anyway. So it was their clever way of making him refuse land so they can keep it for themselves. I just cannot understand that man. He was opportunist enough, and calculating cynical when it depends on taking controle over the PLO. But he didn´t master that when negotiating peace with the Israelis. Or could we say that they were of another caliber than he. Either ways, he wasn´t good for the job.
The arabs must first learn, as you all say, to solv their own problems; and have their destiny in their own hands first. Every arab leader consider his contry as his own farm, and people as some kind of cows to milk and to slaughter. Not people with rights and voices. And yet we consider that normal and we accept it. In other words, we couldn´t even make end to hypocrisis and tyranny imposed by corrupt liers. And now we want to fight the most high teck army in the world, and even defeat it. Guys that makes me laugh. Really.
14 February 2005 01:30

Now dear cali, if you think Arafat should have accepted the deals he was served, then I respectfully disagree with you. There was nothing for him to agree on, it was a complete joke in my view.
14 February 2005 03:37
You'd be right in suggesting what you did if you made your message somwhat general. There are ways to make pple think they are free, Western system(s) and there are other ways to nip speech in the mudd! The Arab leaders, like the couter parts in other parts of the world, are concerned mostly about their immediate interests!!! Let's go back to being realistic: The situation is Israel is predominant and in control, so the stubborness and pride, though hard to get rid of, must be controled. The deal is one man one vote under one country! but what would you call it? Israel or palestine? The second option is get back to pre-67 situation and work diplomatically from there! More palestinians die and generates more support for Israel who claims to be defending itself against " terrorists". Take the deal and get rid of the stigma of Terrorism, then the World, parts of it at least would get on your side,Palestine.
Peace is coming, to answer the question, but the Arab countries are afraid of it! because they'll have to pay to rebuild palestine and they'll have to show their true colors! Add to that, that ISrael should Blame UK and States for throwing them ( Jews) in the middle of their Cousins/enemies to start a life. Were I Isreali, I would ask for support non-stop, which they are getting!
If we want to go back, Israel didn't really want to be there, they wanted a piece of Land, and Balfour and Co found them one!!! made sense, after All the Jewish people didn't come from the moon, neither did the palestinians! As it is now, both have the right to be there and Israel has the upper hand! They will have to learn to live together. As to the Arab countries,let's forget their shaky zeal...they think with their heart and you know what! This issuch a loaded thread but let's cut to the chase and quit the talking about the past and Arafat and...the so called leaders whose pocket's are getting bigger and bigger, that's real looting, stop them and get the deal done.
Educate, Educate,'s not gratuitiuos that the first word to Mohamad SAW was READ.
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